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Tech Visions

PDF Solutions: The Rock of Ages
Sep 7, 2017
Peggy Aycinena profiles PDF Solutions in her latest blog post on EDACafe and mentions Lanza techventures’ Lucio Lanza has been on its board of directors for 20 years, serving as Chairman since 2004.
Peggy Aycinena, EDACafe

An Innovator’s Vision
Aug 28, 2017
To innovate you have to see patterns from the past and project them into the future. Lucio Lanza talks about a likely pattern for the future.
Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering

Is Design Innovation Slowing?
Aug 10, 2017
Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering


Lanza’s Tech Vision Challenge: Daring to Move to Open Source

Lanza’s Tech Vision Challenge: Daring to Move to Open Source, DAC 2016 Pavilion Session

2014 Phil Kaufman Award Video Tribute

2014 Phil Kaufman Award Video Tribute


the-business-of-design-automationThis chapter, The Business of Design Automation by Lucio Lanza, appears in A Short History of Circuits and Systems, 2016. It is an essay on the business of Design Automation that depicts the evolution of this small, but meaningful segment of the Semiconductor Industry and some thoughts on where it may go next.

“Lucio had a true gift for anticipating the products and technologies that would soon be needed by our customers. Sometimes his insights were controversial but his predictions were always right on. His skills allowed Cadence to establish more effective product roadmaps and to identify and execute strategic, high-value acquisitions. Thanks to his help, we were able to build and confidently grow our position as a technology and business leader.

“... These days, when I talk to a young EDA or IP startup I hear about Lucio. He is still out there, and more active than ever, working with the industry’s most promising entrepreneurs, nurturing new ideas and teaching new founding teams. He is keeping our industry fed with a steady stream of innovation, new ideas and energy. So in a very practical sense, it is Lucio’s vision and drive that powers today’s EDA industry and plots its future. And for this, we are all very fortunate.”