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Tech Visions

PDF Solutions: The Rock of Ages
Sep 7, 2017
Peggy Aycinena profiles PDF Solutions in her latest blog post on EDACafe and mentions Lanza techventures’ Lucio Lanza has been on its board of directors for 20 years, serving as Chairman since 2004.
Peggy Aycinena, EDACafe

An Innovator’s Vision
Aug 28, 2017
To innovate you have to see patterns from the past and project them into the future. Lucio Lanza talks about a likely pattern for the future.
Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering

Is Design Innovation Slowing?
Aug 10, 2017
Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering

Design Challenge

Video: Mike Noonan and Lucio Lanza

Lucio Lanza, an advisor to efabless, a marketplace and platform for community-engineered electronics, talks with Silego’s Mike Noonen about the efabless/Silego “Go Configure Design Challenge Series.” The challenge calls the global designer community to implement well-used functions using Silego’s configurable mixed-signal ICs with the efabless platform serving as the crowd source design platform.

IoT at DAC

DAC 2017 Pavilion Video: Simon Segars and Lucio Lanza

DAC 2017 Pavilion: Exploring the Connections Between the Digital World and Physical World. Arm CEO Simon Segars and Lucio Lanza engage in a far-reaching conversation about the Internet of Things and how the digital world will be connected with the physical world.[/

“I’ve known Lucio forever, or at least since we both went to work at Daisy Systems. Later, with Lucio as chairman and me as CEO, we ran and grew Veridicom, the first fingerprint authentication IC company. In the process, I came to appreciate his insight –– sometimes profound, even stunning –– into market and man. He has the best marketing mind I know. It was good to be negotiating from the same side of the table with him.

“If we’re telling tales out of school, a friend –– Phil Kaufman –– told me with glee about racing through Milan in Lucio’s Alpha Romeo Spider, with Lucio ‘kissing the bumper’ of the car ahead if it was annoying. Lucio will not confirm or deny.”