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IoT Myth Busting
Jul 13, 2017
“Lucio Lanza, managing partner at Lanza techVentures, is in total agreement. ‘The design automation segment of the industry needs to be alert and in front of the pack. IoT design is unique because it is not driven by the next node, and we’ll need to understand the driving factors to be able to support the evolving needs of IoT. And now that we know the next segment of design challenges may not be just the increase in complexity of SoC, we need to become strategically alert. It may be the optimization of silicon-on-package or IP-on-substrate driven by power or the ability to make memories connect in a more effective way, or FPGAs become the foundation of inexpensive innovative ideas or…who knows what?’”
Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering

When Digital, Physical Worlds Merge
Jul 6, 2017
Ed Sperling, Semiconductor Engineering


Lanza’s Tech Vision Challenge: Daring to Move to Open Source

Lanza’s Tech Vision Challenge: Daring to Move to Open Source, DAC 2016 Pavilion Session

2014 Phil Kaufman Award Video Tribute

2014 Phil Kaufman Award Video Tribute


the-business-of-design-automationThis chapter, The Business of Design Automation by Lucio Lanza, appears in A Short History of Circuits and Systems, 2016. It is an essay on the business of Design Automation that depicts the evolution of this small, but meaningful segment of the Semiconductor Industry and some thoughts on where it may go next.