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About Lanza techVentures

Lucio LanzaWelcome to Lanza techVentures, the early stage investment firm that transforms innovative startups into high-value companies through unique vision, insight and a profound understanding of technology and its trends. Founded in 2001 by technology luminary Lucio Lanza, Lanza techVentures has acted as a strategic partner and advisor for early- to mid-stage companies in the design software and intellectual property (IP), semiconductor and biotechnology market sectors.

Every computer and chip design done today directly benefits from the critical role that Lanza techVentures has played in bringing key technologies to market. It has invested in more than 50 companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. Many of these companies continue to be growing concerns, while others have reached successful outcomes through an initial public offering (IPO), or by merger or acquisition with other companies.

The Lanza techVentures philosophy is simple: Investment is a by-product of service to great, creative entrepreneurs.

Key questions we ask of any entrepreneur, maker, pioneer or opportunist:

  • What is your product doing and how can it be used to the utmost benefit to the community you serve?
  • How far can we take it and will it ultimately advance humanity?

If you share this same philosophy and have an idea that can help revolutionize your community, contact us.

“I’ve known Lucio forever, or at least since we both went to work at Daisy Systems. Later, with Lucio as chairman and me as CEO, we ran and grew Veridicom, the first fingerprint authentication IC company. In the process, I came to appreciate his insight –– sometimes profound, even stunning –– into market and man. He has the best marketing mind I know. It was good to be negotiating from the same side of the table with him.

“If we’re telling tales out of school, a friend –– Phil Kaufman –– told me with glee about racing through Milan in Lucio’s Alpha Romeo Spider, with Lucio ‘kissing the bumper’ of the car ahead if it was annoying. Lucio will not confirm or deny.”