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About Lucio Lanza

Lucio Lanza

Lucio Lanza, Managing Director of Lanza techVentures, is a strategist, visionary, leader and technology investor with an uncanny ability to identify and mentor promising technologists as they develop their ideas. With an intuitive knowledge of technology and a keen eye for talent, Lucio cares about the entrepreneurs and startup founders he invests with, and knows how to deftly foster their invention from concept to completion. His keen insights, clear vision, innovative thinking and vast network of business relationships with executives of multinational corporations enable him to reimagine the future to influence, motivate and inspire. He has helped transform countless startups into high-value computer design software and semiconductor companies.

The EDA Consortium (EDAC) and the IEEE Council on EDA (CEDA) acknowledged Lucio’s contributions to the industry by awarding him the 2014 Phil Kaufman Award for Distinguished Contributions to EDA. He was selected for his substantial impact through his strategic and financial assistance to innovative EDA companies.

Lucio joined venture capital firm U.S. Venture Partners in 1990 as a venture partner and general partner, while serving as an independent consultant to companies in the semiconductor, communications and EDA industries, including Cadence Design Systems, Inc. He further increased his focus on accelerating the pace of computer and chip design by forming Lanza techVentures in 2001.

Lucio’s Career

From 1986 to 1989, Lucio was chief executive officer of EDA Systems, Inc. He was previously vice president of marketing and served as general manager of the EDA division of Daisy Systems Corp. From 1977 to 1983, he worked for Intel Corp., holding positions responsible for strategy and innovation, including chairman of the microprocessor strategic business segment. Lucio was employed by Olivetti Corporation from 1968 to 1977 and was responsible for processor architecture and design.

A co-founder of Radnorwood Capital, LLC., an investor in public technology companies, he serves today as its co-general partner and technology strategist. Lucio is chairman of the board of PDF Solutions, Inc., a provider of technologies to improve semiconductor manufacturing yields, and is on the board of directors of several private companies. Formerly, he was a non-executive director of ARM, the world’s leading semiconductor IP company, and member of the board of directors of Harris & Harris Group, an investor in transformative companies enabled by disruptive science.

Lucio holds a doctorate in electronic engineering from Politecnico in Milan, Italy.

“I’ve known Lucio forever, or at least since we both went to work at Daisy Systems. Later, with Lucio as chairman and me as CEO, we ran and grew Veridicom, the first fingerprint authentication IC company. In the process, I came to appreciate his insight –– sometimes profound, even stunning –– into market and man. He has the best marketing mind I know. It was good to be negotiating from the same side of the table with him.

“If we’re telling tales out of school, a friend –– Phil Kaufman –– told me with glee about racing through Milan in Lucio’s Alpha Romeo Spider, with Lucio ‘kissing the bumper’ of the car ahead if it was annoying. Lucio will not confirm or deny.”