Editor’s note: Lucio Lanza, Managing Partner at Lanza techVentures, is noted for his savvy, visionary investments. What may not be as well-known or recognized is his willingness to mentor entrepreneurs. A recent example is the help he provided startup founders Jared Carlson and Devin Owen as they formulated their business plan and strategies for their company Savviest. “Lucio has helped quite a bit through his expertise and knowledge of go-to-market strategies,” remarked Jared, who found him to be a great listener, always available to take questions and offer well-considered answers. “Just being able to get a gut check from Lucio on the market is invaluable.” Savviest

For anyone doing a job search, it’s both exhilarating and mystifying, often at the same time. That certainly was the case for Jared Carlson and Devin Owen who took their personal experiences and parlayed them into an entrepreneurial venture called Savviest.

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