Approov, Protection for Mobile Apps and APIs

Approov, a Lanza techVentures investment, is a leading provider of security authentication for mobile apps, evolving from its founding mission to be an electronic design automation (EDA) company providing synthesis software.

ApproovWhile it appears Approov (formerly CriticalBlue) took a circuitous route from its origins David Stewart, its CEO, will say otherwise. Accordingly, each step along the journey brought the company closer to where it is today, moving from EDA to multicore processing with tools that enable performance optimization to mobile business protection. In a savvy move to support a growing and important market, Approov reused the deep-level performance analysis technology to concentrate on security. The result is the Approov SDK, an SaaS service that positively authenticates requests on a user’s mobile API.

Whether it served the chip, embedded or mobile markets, Approov always optimizes behavior of software and monitors execution meaningfully and rapidly at the deepest possible level to detect unwanted behavior of the machine. “It is reducing performance to the deepest possible level of the machine to ensure it is behaving appropriately,” notes Lucio Lanza, managing partner of Lanza techVentures and chairman of Approov . “As markets evolve, Approov is meeting the changing requirements.”

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